Advantage Air provides homeowners with the finest in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning services. Contact us today if you'd like more information on any of our offered areas of specialty. Thank you for considering Advantage Air for your home comfort needs.
Heating Services:

I. Central Heating
A) Forced Air Furnaces
  1. Gas furnaces
  2. Electric furnaces
  3. Air Handler (for heat pump condensers)
B) Roof-Top Packaged Units
  1. Gas/Electric
  2. All Electric (heat pump)

II. Localized Heating
A) Wall Furnaces
  1. Single sided
  2. Double sided
  3. Direct vent systems
B) Ductless Mini-Split Systems (with heat pump)
  1. Single zone
  2. Multi zone

Air Conditioning Services:

I. Central Air Conditioning
A) A.C. Condensers
  1. R-410
2. R-22
B) Heat Pump Condensers
  1. R-410
2. R-22
C) Roof-Top Packaged Units
  1. Gas/Electric
  2. All Electric
D) Evaporator Coils

II. Localized Cooling
A) Ductless Mini Split System
  1. Single zone
  2. Multi zone

Ventilation Services:

I. Air Duct Systems
A) R-4.2, R-6, and R-8 Mylar Duct Systems
B) Rooftop Exposed Metal Duct Systems
C) Air Volume Balancing Dampers
  1. Manual
2. Electric

II. Air Filtration & Purification
A) Electronic Air Filters
B) High Efficiency Media Air Cleaners
C) Electro-Static Air Filters
D) Whole House Air Cleaners
E) UV (Ultra Violet) Air Purification Systems

Alternative Energy Solutions:

I. Attic Insulation
A) Blown-in (Fiberglass & Cellulose)
  1. R-19
2. R-30
II. Electronic Honeywell Home Zoning Systems

III. Thermostatic Attic Fans
In addition to our expert design and installation, Advantage Air offers clients “total system protection” with our biannual system maintenance membership: The Advantage Club Membership.
Advantage Club

What's included in a maintenance visit?

I. Precision Tune-Up

II. Safety Inspection

III. Performance Test

IV. Clean & Lube

Club Membership Benefits:

I. System Benefits
A) A properly maintained system can save you up to 30% on your monthly utility costs
B) Routine maintenance is the #1 way to avoid costly repairs and premature system failure
C) Proper maintenance will not only result in higher system efficiency, but will also result in a higher quality of air within your home. Clean system= clean air
D) Our annual service membership will keep intact any manufacturer warranties that may have come with your system

II. Member Benefits
A) 2 yearly tune-ups
B) 2 free diagnostics (if necessary)
C) Priority scheduling for diagnostics and/or repairs
D) Special parts and labor discounts on any required repair or replacement